Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Fun times!!

Loves to open and close the garage door too.

During the last month or so, I've been teaching Isaiah to drive. It's such an important life skill, don't you think? ;) Let me just say he LOVES it! He goes crazy as soon as I put him in the driver's seat. He must think he's a big boy or something. Letting him drive is a win/win too. It allows me to unload groceries, clean the car, etc. and have a very happy camper while I do it. He seriously will stay in there for an hour. When I let Grady in the car he goes bananas - it must be so funny! I love this kid. If you haven't done this with your toddler yet, I highly suggest you do. Who needs Disneyland when you have mama's car to drive?

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