Sunday, January 22, 2012

Walking, Walking, Walking!

He's getting faster and faster every day! Where did my baby go?

Monday, January 16, 2012

...aaaand he's walkin'!

Well, he's getting awfully close. His record to date is 11 steps. I love seeing his face get more and more brave and confident as he steps out on the open floor. Go, baby, go!

Check out that focus!

I apologize the video is sideways...I guess I don't really worry about camera orientation when something so awesome is going on. And I would apologize for the disaster zone in the family room but that's usually how it looks. ;)

Friday, January 6, 2012

11 Months...already?!?!

This is truly unbelievable! E-LEV-EN MONTHS!? And what a fun month this was. If Isaiah wasn't all over the place before, he DEFINITELY is now and at a much faster pace (good Lord!). If I'm not careful, he'll beat me to the bathroom to unravel toilet paper rolls, splash in the toilet, empty Grady's food and water in the laundry room, or even go upstairs and play in the exercise room (his new favorite since daddy's bike and tension bands are so cool!). He crawls faster than I do (still one knee, one foot), cruises with complete ease, can stand on his own for several seconds (before getting nervous and sitting down), and dun-da-duh: he has taken two steps on his own already. Geez Louise, stop growing BABY BOY!

He nurses morning and night and he started refusing the afternoon bottle so I've decided to just never give him a bottle. One less habit to break, right? We're getting close to probably just nursing at night and then when he turns one I'm going to transition to whole milk in a sippy cup. I also decided to not let him nurse during the day (even though he asked for it two or three times) because he doesn't necessarily need it that often anymore and I do want to be done nursing by the time he's one. I know some people are more relaxed about it and that's fine and dandy but nursing after 1 isn't right for us.

We also started sleep training last week. It was necessary and worth it but that's not to say it didn't nearly kill me. I honestly wish we did this several months ago. Darren was actually the one who urged me to go along and do it. It was getting pretty ridiculous - he was staying up later, kept getting in our bed, waking up several times a night, ugh...all three of us were getting increasingly tired and irritated.

Night one broke my heart - he cried off and on for 30 minutes. I was distraught. I turned on the TV and poured a glass of wine and made Darren watch the video monitor. But eventually he fell asleep and, as Darren rationalized it, Isaiah is really just throwing a temper tantrum because he is old enough to know what's going on. Night two he only cried for seven minutes (phew!) and night three he nursed to sleep and then just rolled over when I put him down, and night four he only cried for...a few seconds!!! I watched him on the video monitor as he just laid on his side awake until he drifted off to sleep.

OK, OK, I'm a believer. Sleep training is hard but it does work. We now nurse around 8 at night (depending on his mood) and then lay him down at 8:30. He sleeps until about 6 a.m. and then I bring him in our bed to either nurse, watch Little Einsteins, or sleep until 7. Praise GOD! Since doing this he naps twice each day again (YES!) and is much happier and well-rested. I also decided to turn the sound off on the video monitor to see if that would help my worried-mom syndrome. It has. I no longer hear every moan, sigh, or whimper but still can see if he's safe and sound if I wake up in the middle of the night. So I am sleeping better which makes for a happier mama! Let's hope we keep this up!

Isaiah is still such a good eater! He now signs for "all done" and we're working on "more please." Right now he just grunts for "yes" when I do it or shakes his head "no." Smart little cookie! He still eats whatever we eat and thankfully does not have any allergies. The latest thing we've had are grapes (cut in half for him) and he LOVES them, which is great since they're great traveling snacks. We accidentally tried nuts this month when I let him have some pumpkin bread that had pecans in it (oops!) and then he got a hold of a peanut butter dog biscuit Grady gave to him. Crazy animal. It made my heart jump a little when I realized what he consumed but clearly, he's OK.

All in all, life is good at 11 months with my little character of a kid. He fake laughs, sings, loves to be tickled, take baths (he stands up and stomps now), and talks A LOT. He throws Grady's toys for him, plays catch with me, and LOVES cars. He takes them for laps around the kitchen island - it's hilarious. He also loves when we read to him and often will take every book off the shelf and "read" them himself. He's TOO cute - we're so incredibly lucky! Not a day goes by where I'm not reminded of how special it is to be his mom.