Wednesday, December 7, 2011

10 Months!!

Oh my goodness!!!!

My sweet boy is 10 months OLD! He absolutely amazes me every single moment. Isaiah is getting and acting so old it's hard to even consider him a baby anymore. He's busier than ever crawling, climbing furniture and stairs, cruising, and he can now stand on his own. We got him a few walking push toys that he's starting to figure out how to use. I'm in no hurry though - he'll walk on his own time. :)

He likes playing a little more rowdy too - be tossed in the air, wrestling with Grady, running around the house while on my shoulders. I DEFINITELY get a good work out in each day! He's eats pretty much anything and everything we eat and likes to feed Grady while in his high chair. His meals seem to be smaller (surprisingly) but I think it's just because he's more interested in getting back to his day of play.

He's starting to dislike his car seat and the only time I can get him to relax or sleep is if I play "Dear John" by Taylor Swift. It's random but it works. He naps once in the afternoon after having a bottle and sort of nurses in the morning and then again at night.

He wakes up about every 3 hours every night. I think it's because of teething (those top two are finally looking close). He's in his crib half the night and in our bed the other half. We're trying REALLY hard to get him in his crib but I'm so tired. When he doesn't want to be in there he goes ballistic - stands up, starts jumping and screaming. I refuse to leave him like that so I usually just keep laying him down and stay in there and sing to him and rub his back until he gets really close to dosing off then I leave.

Some people have advised to just let him cry and he'll "figure it out." I believe that works for some babies but it's not right for Isaiah. He's very sensitive and requires a lot of nurturing at bed time. Please pray that we get this worked out! I love my little man and there's a part of me that wants him in our bed (I have a little separation anxiety too) but the other part of me really wants to stretch out and sleeeeeep. :)

Other than that, Isaiah is my sweet little angel, full of life, energy and curiosity. I can hardly believe he'll be one in TWO MONTHS!

In this video he's "walking" with his toy. He's figuring out how to do it and LOVES the freedom!

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