Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Occupation: Mommy

Recently I had a friend ask me if I was looking at getting back into writing. My initial response was no, but I'd love to. I'd love to one day write a book, I'd love to write for a magazine again, I'd love to wake up every morning, throw on some slacks and rush to the office. But for now, what I love doing is under the roof of my home.

I love waking up with tired eyes and cuddling in bed and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse until someone's too bored to cuddle anymore. I love my dress code for work is sweats, uneaten food, and messy hair. I love that most days I pray for a shower and if any household chore gets completed that's an accomplishment. I love making sure my son is well fed, clean, dresssed cute, and most of all, happy. I love making this house a home and counting down the minutes until my husband gets home from work. I love watching Isaiah crawl to the door with his little bum waddling as he goes to greet his daddy. I love that my life is very full and I couldn't ask for more.

I've always dreamed of one day having a successful career and that dream still exists. But for now, my occupation is mom and I have an even bigger dream for that to be a success.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hungry Toes!

I've been trying to get good videos of Isaiah doing all the "things" he does. When Isaiah eats he wiggles his toes. Probably because it's so GOOD! ;) In this video he's also doing his "shake it" after I say "mmm mmm mmm" he usually does it. I love this little guy!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Isaiah's First Snow

Two days in a row this last week we woke up to WHITE roof tops, yards, and trees. Snow sure is beautiful! After layering up, I took Isaiah outside to play in it to see his reaction. He was kind of in awe and just smiled at me, Grady, and the snow and sat there sweeping his mitten-covered hands in it. It's so fun experiencing these little parts of life with him.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Did Anyone Else Know This???

This is absolute genius! It makes perfect sense and yet, I had NO idea. Onesies can be pulled UP over the head or DOWN over the shoulders and bum. Obviously this is to prevent getting messes all over or having to do a special roll maneuver to undress the baby after explosive poos. I came across this post on Babycenter and had a slight AH-HA! moment while laying bed last night listening to the snow fall. (aaahhhh, peaceful).

Here's the blog if you're interested: http://blogs.babycenter.com/mom_stories/11162011-am-i-really-the-only-one-who-didnt-know/.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

9 Months!

And this was as good as I could get! Picture taking (especially a picture that requires laying down) is getting more and more difficult with my little mover.

I can't believe he is 9 months old! The expression "time flies" continues to mean more and more to me each day. This last month was a BIG CHANGE! Not only did we move into our humble abode, Isaiah started CRUISING (walking along furniture) and CRAWLING! And he is quite the comedian I must say. His crawling is hysterical - he crawls on one knee and one foot. Whatever gets the job done, right?

Now he can really play with our dog, Grady, and they are quickly becoming the best of friends. They play together, "fetch" together (Isaiah crawls after Grady's toys), and Grady even cries when Isaiah cries. Most days I have a moment of, "Grady, I'm going to take you to the pound!" but then again, I can't do that to Isaiah. And before I know it, he can be responsible for the feeding and letting the dog out. :)

Isaiah weighs 24 lbs. 5 oz. (97th percentile) and is 29.25 in. long (85th percentile). His appointment with Dr. Delgado went perfect and he only had to get one vaccine (phew!). He doesn't go back in for a check up until he's 1 year - how CRAZY is that?!

He only naps once each day. Usually around 11 or 12 but sometimes later. He basically sleeps 8 PM - 8 AM but he's been waking up several times...A LOT. It's tiring but I just keep telling myself this will not last forever!

With crawling and cruising there are definitely more uh-oh's, owies, and boo-boo's. But I LOVE this stage so far! He has the freedom to do what he wants and go where he wants and we're just along for the ride and having a blast!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Our little monkey! And Darren and I dressed up as bananas!

Halloween is so much more fun with a kid! Even if he's too young to trick-or-treat. :) Darren and I haven't dressed up for Halloween in so long. Mostly because I never cared for the "wear as little clothes as possible and call it a costume" holiday that seems to be taking over October 31st and Darren was usually working. This year we got to spend Halloween with my family at my parent's church. It was great! Harvest Hatchback is an event my mom's in charge of and everyone decorates the back of their car and kids get to trick-or-treat car to car then go inside and enjoy bounce houses, apple cider, and hot dogs. It was fun, safe, warm, and so perfect for families with small kids.

My dad the whoopie cushion and my mom as Mrs. Potato Head. :)

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!