Monday, October 17, 2011

Home is Where We Are

As Darren, Isaiah, and I settle into our new home sweet home, I have reflected on a conversation we had about two years ago. I remember so clearly sitting on the couch in our two bedroom apartment in San Diego, talking about how we were growing tired of the San Diego lifestyle. As we went on and on complaining about the things we didn't like about San Diego and wondered when and if we'd ever make it back to Washington, we finally agreed to be happy no matter where we are. We promised to never be unhappy with each other because we're unhappy where we live. And so we never have.

Sure I was so READY to get out of San Diego and it was my biggest hope to move to Washington, but I've always been SO happy with my life with Darren even in our small apartment and being in limbo at my parent's house. Now that we are settling into our own house with our (maybe one day) growing family of three, I have never felt so incredibly blessed. But I've also realized home isn't a place on a map. Home is where we are. Wherever life leads us. Because we don't always know what's next - even if we PLAN to stay here forever. Doesn't God tend to laugh at our plans anyway?

So cheers to loving life, the road we're on, and the people I call home.

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