Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mastitis Round 4

Yep, I have mastitis again. Wah!!! The only reason it upsets me is because we all just got over colds and Isaiah just got over fifths disease. Can't we catch a break? I've got things to do! At this point, I'm a champ when it come to mastitis. A fever and infection isn't going to stop me from shopping for our new house...no sir-eeee! :)

I've learned recently that nipple shields don't always properly drain milk ducts. And when not properly drained, can cause clogs which can lead to mastitis (I feel like that's such a dirty word now). That in combination with Isaiah weaning off his afternoon feeding, I haven't been getting fully drained and developed a huge clog on the right side. I'm over the fever/aches but still have the clog/infection. Luckily I have leftover antibiotics to help me fight it off too.

Regardless of what the shield may have caused, I'm still so thankful for it. Next time I will try to avoid using it but if necessary I will use it despite the risk. I'll do anything to be sure my babies get the best nourishment from me.

I feel like the breastfeeding devil is after me but I refuse to quit! Afterall, I don't know what Isaiah would do without his nurse. :)

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