Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fifths Disease!

Isaiah's smiley little you can see his cheeks are pretty red. Fifths Disease is also known as "slapped cheek"

His poor little leg! It looked worse in person.

Other leg...

This is the arm it started on. This makes me want to cry!

One thing I absolutely HATE is seeing my baby get sick! I want to protect him with everything I have - take all his hurt, scratches, and boo-boo's but yesterday was a reminder that I can't protect him from everything.

It started yesterday when we were at the fair. We went early so it wasn't very warm yet. In fact it was drizzling at my mom and dad's house. So I dressed Isaiah in a cute little jogging suit. After walking through the barn with all the goats it was getting pretty warm so I took Isaiah's jacket off and he had a small red patch on his elbow (about the size of a quarter). My first reaction was that the hay from the barn somehow got in his stroller and he has hayfever like me. Then I thought that was a little ridiculous (he didn't touch the hay or get of his stroller). I cleaned it off and kept walking around and as we were doing that it seemed to be getting a little worse so I was getting nervous. We decided to pack up and go home.

We cranked the AC in the car (not only because we were hot but we were attributing the rash to the heat). By the time we were home it was almost completely gone. So we thought it was over.

Then it started to show a little bit more on the other arm just before dinner. Hhhmmmm...then after dinner Isaiah was bouncing in his jumper and standing at the coffee table. It was a good hour of playing hard and he worked up a good sweat. Darren gave him some water and stood next to a fan to cool him down but he seemed to be sweating more and more - no fever.

So I nursed him and checked him out head to toe. The rash spread on both his legs and arms and seemed to be starting on his back and his cheeks were bright red but still no fever. We went online and did a little googling on WebMD and came across fifths disease which seemed to fit perfectly. We started to worry and called the on-call nurse. She almost immediately knew it was fifths disease.

Fifths disesase is very common with babies and children. It is a viral infection that simply has to run its course. The rash usually lasts about 10 days and can get inflammed when hot (ah-ha!). Isaiah mostly likely got it from Darren, Isaiah, or me touching something that someone else with it touched (I'm thinking his Doctor's office). It's most contagious the week before the rash appears and can be accompanied by a fever but luckily he hasn't gotten one. Some people get it and show no symptoms at all. The rash is also clearing up quite a bit this morning, still no fever, and he's still a happy boy.

Isaiah feels fine except when he gets hot and the rash doesn't seem to itch or bother him...just me and Darren! Aaahhh, parenting. The worry never ends!

I guess we'll just ride this one out...

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