Thursday, September 8, 2011

7 Months Old!!!!

...and we're busy, busy, busy!

Isaiah loves to sit, dive, jump, stand, climb, roll, laugh, talk, smile, play, "gimme five", brush his teeth, talk on the phone, drive, sing, eat, nurse, snuggle, yell, watch Mickey Mouse, dance, take off his socks, and eat other people's toes. And his attention span for all he loves is getting smaller and smaller but it's so fun to watch and try and keep up with him.

He's trying so hard to crawl. He climbs up off his bottom and can get on his knees but not with his chest all the way off the floor so he just scootches. :) It won't be long now...part of me hopes he waits until after we move into and paint our new house. But I guess that isn't up to me now, is it?

Isaiah nurses four times every day and eats three meals. He naps twice and is down for the night by 9. He hasn't slept through the night in a month. Ugh. He usually wakes up between 1 and 3, gets in our bed and sleeps til 7. I know I need to put him back to sleep in his crib but it's so much easier and I'm tired. That's my excuse. Plus, he's only going to be this little for so long so I'm cherishing the moments when he snuggles into me, puts his sweet little hand on my cheek, and sings as he doses off to sleep. Melts my heart!

His menu usually consists of baby oatmeal and apples for breakfast, some sort of fruit or veggies for lunch, and fruit and veggies or sweet potatoes or lentils. He also starting to eat whatever we have for dinner just slightly blended depending on what's on our menu. I let him have puffs (hardly any nutritional value) and yogurt melts but it's great for fine motor skills and he can feed himself certain items so that's a lot of fun. It's obviously more messy but that just means more treats for the dog. ;)

Every day we just continue to LOVE this little boy to pieces! :) We are very blessed.

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