Monday, July 11, 2011

Mastitis...Round Three!?


I've already gone into detail about getting mastitis the first time and going on antibiotics. The second time happened the end of May. I had an achey body and a fever and a tender/sore/painful boobie but flushed it out of my system within 48 hours.

Last night, after a busy day with family and friends, I told Darren how sore my legs were. Then I woke up every few hours because my right hoo hoo hurt. THEN I woke up with a slight fever and achey body and, you guessed it...a tender/sore/painful left boobie. I've broken the fever with Tylenol but I'm still in pain and praying it will go away within the next day or so. It's times like this I feel like life just isn't fair. Why do our boobies have to get boo-boo's? I plan on asking God this as soon as I meet him!

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