Friday, July 29, 2011

Doo-Doo Graduation

That's right everybody - we have officially graduated to big boy poop. Peeeee-yeeewww! It honestly isn't that bad...yet...but it does remind me how quickly my little boy is growing up!

On Wednesday, we decided to try sweet potatoes for dinner. At first I thought he didn't like them. In fact, it really scared him. He took one taste and looked at me with a worried brow and fear in his eyes. When I attempted a second spoonful, he immediately turned to Nena (my mom) and fussed for her and wouldn't dare open his mouth. Poor baby.

I gave him a mum-mum rice cracker to see if he was hungry and if I should make some rice cereal. Three crackers later I realized he was so I made him some rice cereal and he started gobbling it up right away. After a few bites I added some of the sweet potatoes in it so he could get used to the taste. I don't know if I read this somewhere or if it was my genius motherly instinct. :) But it worked like a charm and after he finished the mixture, I gave him the sweet potatoes straight up. He LOVES them! Seriously, I expected to get much more of his food on the floor, high chair, bib, etc. but he loves food and 95% of it ends up in his belly. It's so sweet to watch him eat and pull the spoon closer when he wants more.

I've also decided to make the majority of the baby food he eats not just because it's a little cheaper but because mama likes sweet potatoes too! My mom told me when I make the food to put the majority in ice cube trays, freeze it, and then pop them out into little labeled baggies. That way you can keep track of how much your baby eats and it won't go bad. Neat trick, huh?

On that note, it reminds me of what a waste of mooo-lah the baby bullet would be. The Magic Bullet works great and so does the Cuisinart potato masher. Ice cube trays and baggies for storage and your good to go! No fancy tray for three payments of $29.95 necessary.

For now, we're sticking to the sweet potatoes and rice cereal. I'm going to make butternut and acorn squash baby food this weekend but we won't know if it's a hit for a few weeks. :)

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