Monday, July 18, 2011

Adventures In Babysitting

...or having your baby babysat.

On Friday we had a last minute dinner for Darren's work. And by last minute I mean we only knew about it 5 days in advance. I need to mentally prepare for leaving the little. But we were leaving Isaiah with my mom (the woman I trust the most!) so I felt OK about it...but I wasn't really in the mood for mingling. Darren and I were both tired and I was recovering with the assistance of antibiotics from mastitis and a 100.5 fever. So my mom packed up Isaiah and took him to his cousin's t-ball game an hour and a half before we even needed to leave.

When we arrived at the restaurant and sat down, I was feeling much better. After receiving a few picture messages from my mom that isaiah was doing great, I felt even more at ease. So much that I somehow started to ignore my phone. Four text messages and four phone calls later, my mom finally got through to Darren's phone. Isaiah was PISSED OFF! He refused taking a bottle (this happened the week before) and wouldnt stop crying.

So we boxed up our food and hit the road. Only one problem: no gas. So after stopping for gas as fast as possible ( we didn't even fill the tank), we booked it all the way from Tacoma to Lacey.

Upon our arrival, I frantically ran downstairs to find my poor little baby boy and rescue him....he was dead asleep in my mom's arms and yes, he finally drank from the bottle.

SHEESH! I guess we have a mama's boy on our hands...

Isaiah hadn't had a bottle since May when my sister watched him. Other than that, there was no reason since I was exclusively nursing since April. So we've decided to give a bottle every other day or so, just so he gets used to it and leaving him is a bit easier. I've also started to "max out" as far as milk production (I am beyond dry every night) and Isaiah is sitting on his own and taking a huge interest in food when we're eating, so I went ahead and bought some rice cereal and we plan on trying it this week. If all goes well, we'll try a few more tastier things in the weeks to come!

I'm so excited...the camera is ready!

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