Friday, July 29, 2011

Doo-Doo Graduation

That's right everybody - we have officially graduated to big boy poop. Peeeee-yeeewww! It honestly isn't that bad...yet...but it does remind me how quickly my little boy is growing up!

On Wednesday, we decided to try sweet potatoes for dinner. At first I thought he didn't like them. In fact, it really scared him. He took one taste and looked at me with a worried brow and fear in his eyes. When I attempted a second spoonful, he immediately turned to Nena (my mom) and fussed for her and wouldn't dare open his mouth. Poor baby.

I gave him a mum-mum rice cracker to see if he was hungry and if I should make some rice cereal. Three crackers later I realized he was so I made him some rice cereal and he started gobbling it up right away. After a few bites I added some of the sweet potatoes in it so he could get used to the taste. I don't know if I read this somewhere or if it was my genius motherly instinct. :) But it worked like a charm and after he finished the mixture, I gave him the sweet potatoes straight up. He LOVES them! Seriously, I expected to get much more of his food on the floor, high chair, bib, etc. but he loves food and 95% of it ends up in his belly. It's so sweet to watch him eat and pull the spoon closer when he wants more.

I've also decided to make the majority of the baby food he eats not just because it's a little cheaper but because mama likes sweet potatoes too! My mom told me when I make the food to put the majority in ice cube trays, freeze it, and then pop them out into little labeled baggies. That way you can keep track of how much your baby eats and it won't go bad. Neat trick, huh?

On that note, it reminds me of what a waste of mooo-lah the baby bullet would be. The Magic Bullet works great and so does the Cuisinart potato masher. Ice cube trays and baggies for storage and your good to go! No fancy tray for three payments of $29.95 necessary.

For now, we're sticking to the sweet potatoes and rice cereal. I'm going to make butternut and acorn squash baby food this weekend but we won't know if it's a hit for a few weeks. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Num, Num, Num in My Tum, Tum, Tum!

On Monday, we started rice cereal with Isaiah. What a fun experience! I can't say he loves it but he sure doesn't dislike it either. He is very curious about it though. The video above is of his very first taste! Yum, yum, yum!

Below is a video of the second time he tried it. It is so entertaining to watch his reactions! Yesterday I made it a little creamier and he went bazirk! He gobbled it up like nobody's business. I guess he really is ready for food! Crazy! My little boy is getting bigger by the moment and we're officially in the messy stage!

Right now he's only getting it once each day around 5 p.m. And can we say hello poopy diapers?! He's definitely a pooper now! I'm going to keep him on the cereal for a week or two before starting veggies and squash and fruit. Luckily, rice cereal has a good amount of vitamins and other nutrients so it's not an "emtpy" meal.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Adventures In Babysitting

...or having your baby babysat.

On Friday we had a last minute dinner for Darren's work. And by last minute I mean we only knew about it 5 days in advance. I need to mentally prepare for leaving the little. But we were leaving Isaiah with my mom (the woman I trust the most!) so I felt OK about it...but I wasn't really in the mood for mingling. Darren and I were both tired and I was recovering with the assistance of antibiotics from mastitis and a 100.5 fever. So my mom packed up Isaiah and took him to his cousin's t-ball game an hour and a half before we even needed to leave.

When we arrived at the restaurant and sat down, I was feeling much better. After receiving a few picture messages from my mom that isaiah was doing great, I felt even more at ease. So much that I somehow started to ignore my phone. Four text messages and four phone calls later, my mom finally got through to Darren's phone. Isaiah was PISSED OFF! He refused taking a bottle (this happened the week before) and wouldnt stop crying.

So we boxed up our food and hit the road. Only one problem: no gas. So after stopping for gas as fast as possible ( we didn't even fill the tank), we booked it all the way from Tacoma to Lacey.

Upon our arrival, I frantically ran downstairs to find my poor little baby boy and rescue him....he was dead asleep in my mom's arms and yes, he finally drank from the bottle.

SHEESH! I guess we have a mama's boy on our hands...

Isaiah hadn't had a bottle since May when my sister watched him. Other than that, there was no reason since I was exclusively nursing since April. So we've decided to give a bottle every other day or so, just so he gets used to it and leaving him is a bit easier. I've also started to "max out" as far as milk production (I am beyond dry every night) and Isaiah is sitting on his own and taking a huge interest in food when we're eating, so I went ahead and bought some rice cereal and we plan on trying it this week. If all goes well, we'll try a few more tastier things in the weeks to come!

I'm so excited...the camera is ready!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mastitis...Round Three!?


I've already gone into detail about getting mastitis the first time and going on antibiotics. The second time happened the end of May. I had an achey body and a fever and a tender/sore/painful boobie but flushed it out of my system within 48 hours.

Last night, after a busy day with family and friends, I told Darren how sore my legs were. Then I woke up every few hours because my right hoo hoo hurt. THEN I woke up with a slight fever and achey body and, you guessed it...a tender/sore/painful left boobie. I've broken the fever with Tylenol but I'm still in pain and praying it will go away within the next day or so. It's times like this I feel like life just isn't fair. Why do our boobies have to get boo-boo's? I plan on asking God this as soon as I meet him!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Isaiah is 5 Months Old!

...And I feel like I have a big kid on my hands. Isaiah is just so full of personality and love - it's incredible watching him grow day by day, minute by minute. Here's what he's up to:

He's really starting to notice how he can move his fingers individually and he watches intently as he wiggles them. He loves his toes and when he's sitting he bends over to eat them and puts his legs over his head when I'm changing him to play with them. He's also wiggling around more when getting changed - rolling, kicking, arching his back, trying to sit up. It's pretty funny!

Rolling over back to belly is really easy for him now. When I leave the room, just for a second, and come back, he's on his belly. He's very strong and has good grip on anything grabs (goodbye dangly earrings and necklaces!). He's laughing a lot more now and is really becoming ticklish on his legs and armpits.

He is still sleeping through the night! He usually goes to bed between 8 and 9 and then wakes up between 6-7. When we moved he did wake up around 2 or 3 for a week straight but went back to sleep as soon as me or Darren picked him up. I think he just wanted to make sure we're still there. He's settled in nicely since the move. At first, all the noise and people were overwhelming. One night he slept 5-7 because he was so tired! But he's quickly getting used to it and it's fun to watch him interact with his cousins and all the other people that love him.

He's still strictly nursing and usually eats 7 times each day. He doesn't nap much, usually about three cat naps and he's good to go. A lot of times when he's fussy it's because he needs to reboot with a cat nap or just be left alone in his crib and mobile (it's his quiet time).

Isaiah is really into Grady now and loves to pet him/grab his hair. He smiles when he sees him and giggles when Grady licks his hands. He loves looking out the window with Grady - it must be all the pretty green trees. He loves his stroller now too (not that he ever hated it) and often ooooh's and aaaah's as we cruise around.
Loves to bounce, bounce, bounce!

Enjoying some Washington sunshine!
Happy 4th of July!
Looking out the window
Walking around downtown

He still loves singing, bouncing, nursing, and cuddling with his mom and dad the most. He melts my heart every day and I'm so thankful to have him in our life!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Airplane Ride!

I survived. While I can't see myself riding solo on an airplane with a baby again, it honestly wasn't awful. Ther's something about air travel that makes me nervous anyway. I'm not the type that's prescribed valium but there is a certain level of anxiety I get when boarding, taking off, and landing. Now that I was traveling with a bundle of cuteness, I didn't want to be THAT mom with the hysterical child. Here's how it all went down...

First, I got to board early. Awesome. But as they were taking my ticket they didn't having the name of my traveling infant. After a brief scolding I told her I was never asked and I sure wasn't hiding him. Oh well. Then when we got to our seat and got settled, everything was fine until Isaiah had a meltdown. Seriously, he was mad! I tried giving him his bottle (which I brought because I wanted to be discrete and not flash the teenage boy sitting next to me). Nope. Then I tried his pacifier. Nope. When in doubt, get him naked. Kind of worked. Then we took off. Completely calm and instantly asleep - wonderful. Then I popped his pacifier in so he could pop his ears on the way up. At some point I did give 1/3 dose of baby Tylenol to chill him out so I'm sure it somewhat helped.

He ended up sleeping for a while and I then was able to keep him entertained by dressing him, singing, and playing. Then he started to get fussy. So I tried his bottle. Nope. I knew he was hungry so I just had to lose my modesty and nurse him. It took a few tries because he was getting pretty upset and those seats are uncomfortable for a big boy like him. I'm sure I flashed the boy next to me but oh well! Isaiah slept a little more then woke up to play.

While playing he stopped, looked at me, pushed, and pooped. Of course, I have the child that rarely poops and he decided to poop on the airplane. He hadn't pooped in 2 days so I knew I was in for a real treat. Considering I had the window and the elderly woman on the aisle had a broken leg, I was going to try and have him sit in his poo for the hour. Nope. So we shuffled everyone out of row and headed to the bathroom. Everyone was so nice on the way back - telling me how cute and offering to help. Changing a diaper on a plane is...interesting. The changing table is small, cold, and scared Isaiah (probably from the plane movement). But I did it. He had a clean bottom and we made it back to our seat and played til we landed. I gave him his pacifier on the way down so his ears would pop and he was an angel all the way until we arrived at my parents' house.

So, in a nut shell, everything that I hoped wouldn't happen (screaming, refusing a bottle, pooping, and fussing), all happened. And I survived. It was the longest and shortest 3 hour flight that is becoming a distant memory. If I were flying with Darren it would have been better. Not just because everything better when he's around ;) but an extra pair of hands and the ability to spill over into the next seat would have been easier.

But we made it safe and sound and we're loving every busy minute in Washington.