Friday, June 3, 2011

Sophie Giraffe - Just a Little Product Endorsement ;)

OK, so I wouldn't normally post about a baby product but this one is pretty fun and interesting. A friend of mine has a 6 month old baby boy and she recommended the Sophie Giraffe. She swore they don't go anywhere without it because her son loves it. So the other day Isaiah and I ventured off to Babies R Us to check it out. We found them in a cute little Paris, France display and they are $20. Seriously? Anyone who knows me and Darren knows we are very frugle (couponers, store brands, sales only, and all) so I wouldn't normally buy some squeaky toy for that much...but I did.

And it is awesome! He really does love it. Here's why: it's designed to be easy to grab and it sqeaks very easily; the rubber is all natural (from the Hevea tree?) and is very soft so the ears and nose are extra chewable (much better than any other teething toy we have); the giraffe is also made with food paint and the all natural rubber means less chemicals if you're worried about that kind of thing. It also has a very distinct smell because the rubber is different than your average rubber ducky. It's basically designed for all senses: sight (dots), smell, hearing, touch, and taste (because Lord knows everything is going in that baby's mouth!). Darren is convinced we could have gotten the same thing at Petsmart but if it makes Isaiah happy, I'll splurge a little.

The biggest issue we have with it (besides that it's a little pricey) is Grady wants it just as bad. Out of all Isaiah's many toys this is one that he whines for...he thinks it's his. :)


  1. How funny! One of my friends just bought us one of them :) Now I know what to expect, haha!!! I can't wait for you to move here so we can go on walks and have play dates!

  2. I know! It will be great! Soon enough....