Sunday, June 26, 2011

Adios San Diego!

It's no secret now! After three and a half years in San Diego, we are moving home to Washington. While we have absolutely no regrets about living here or all we experienced, we sure are happy to be going home. Here are a few things we've done during our last days here...

...visited Lake Murray

...played with my giraffe

...celebrated dad's birthday

...loved on mama

...acted cute

...visited friends

...went for walks

...went to Old Town San Diego

...went to the beach

...helped mom pack

...went to dinner with friends

...hung out by the pool

...met Grandpa Moss

...met Aunt Carmen and Uncle Matt

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Holy Oatmeal and Beer!

They say it's an old wives tail but I have to personally disagree. Every time I eat oatmeal or have a beer within just a few hours I have a few extra ounces of milk that sometimes just starts spewing everywhere! Maybe it is an old wives tail but maybe for me, it's true. There definitely is no drought over here!

On a more important note, my little is starting to want to giggle more and more so he has a fake laugh/squeal in addition to his real giggle. It's adorable - here's a combo of the two.

Love him!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

When to Start Solids and...Baby Poop :)

At Isaiah's 4 month appointment, Dr. Chu and I discussed when to start solid foods with Isaiah. In general, most pediatricians say between 4 and 6 months is safe for an infant. Dr. Chu said she believes in starting solids closer to 6 months because she supports the study that indicates starting solid foods too early is linked to childhood obesity. I personally believe childhood obesity comes from lack of exercise and good nutrition but that's a whole other issue.

Regardless of what our pediatrician said, I know it's ultimately up to us as parents to make the decision for our child. No doctor can force you to start solids or give your child anything you aren't comfortable with, right? With that said, Darren and I discussed this before Isaiah was born and decided we want to hold off until he's 6 months. Our reasoning was simply because babies (0-12 months) really only need breast milk or formula to survive so why start early?

Now that Isaiah is old enough to start solids we're still holding off because he clearly isn't having any trouble gaining weight while exclusively breastfeeding. Dr. Chu did suggest that if I can't keep up with Isaiah (meaning if I have to nurse him every 1.5 hours for more than a few days because I'm not producing enough) then try giving him rice cereal (because it's easy on their delicate little tummies) once each day. Then when he's 6 months start introducing fruits and veggies, like squash, carrots, peas, bananas, etc.

So far I'm keeping up with Isaiah's caloric intake no problem. While I'm excited to see his reaction to food for the first time, I feel good about waiting...for now. :)

On a side note, I also discussed Isaiah's pooping habits. He generally poops every other day and I read that's common for breastfed babies. Dr. chu said some breastfed babies will only poop once a week because there is little to no waste with breast milk. And as babies' digestive systems mature along with mommy's changing breast milk, they absorb more and more of its nutrients. Interesting, huh? I guess I can continue to enjoy fewer poopy diapers until will start him on solids too!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Isaiah is 4 Months Old!

Today we went to visit Dr. Chu for Isaiah's 4 month check up. It's hard to believe that just 4 months ago we met him for the first time. So much has happened and changed since then but not a moment goes by where I don't think of that day - we are so blessed to have such a wonderful boy join our family.

Isaiah weighs 19 lbs. 9 oz. and is 25 inches long. Dr. Chu was very impressed with my breastfeeding and fascinated when I told her that when we bottle my breast milk, the tube (from the Dr. Brown's bottles) gets very oily. She said not every mama makes milk like that. Go me! After going over every inch of his cute little body there was only one thing she was concerned about. The right back side of his head is a little flatter than the other (something Darren and I pointed out). Since he has to turn his head to the right to look at us when he's in his crib and on the changing table, she suggested we flip him around so he has to look the other way to even it out. Nothing to really worry about though.

After checking him out, Isaiah received 3 vaccinations (1 oral, 2 shots) for polio, pneumococcal disease, DTaP, rotavirus, and Hib. This time we got the baby tylenol flowing before getting them. He took the oral vaccination no problem, didn't even cry for the first shot, then cried a little for the second. He was so brave - we're so proud of him! He took a quick nap and so far is just relaxing. Overall, Isaiah is doing excellent health wise and Dr. Chu was impressed with his strength during tummy time, coordination, and ability to say his ma's, la's, da's, ga's, etc. :)

Here are some updates on the little man...

Isaiah blows raspberries all the time now. He usually gets very excited when he does it and laughs at himself. He also starts laughing and smiling if you do it back to him. It's so funny! He also starts blowing after he's done nursing but still latched, which can cause quite a mess/spray if you know what I mean. Oh how the little things seem to be the most fun!

He's becoming ticklish and giggles when I blow on his belly or tickle his armpits. Bath time is all kinds of fun because now he gets to sit on the toddler side so he can sit up and splash with his legs. It's hilarious because he's so serious! (see video below) He also says "mama" when he cries and "dada" when he plays and I've even heard an "uh huh" a few times. I realize he can't associate these words/sounds with what they mean yet but it sure is cute and exciting that he's learning so much.

His coordination is getting really good too and along with grabbing all his toys, he can really yank on my hair, necklaces, and shirt when he's hungry. Then he grabs my nurse before he latches. It's pretty cute! Now that he doesn't always nurse to sleep, when he's done he pulls off and smiles so big at me with his face covered in milk like, "This is so good, mom!" PRICELESS!

Breastfeeding has also been going great! I'm so thankful I stuck it out...the best things don't always come easy, right? We stopped giving him a bottle at night because Darren started working nights and it's too hard to give him a bottle and pump on my own. So I can now say he is 100% breastfed and I'm proud of it! I have a big, healthy boy that runs on this mama's milk only! ;) I've also found that he didn't sleep longer when he got formula or bottled breast milk verses nursing. I just needed to be patient - sleeping through the night just takes time. Actually, he goes to sleep much faster at night now that he's nursing then instead of getting a bottle. He generally is asleep between 9 and 10 until 5 or 6 (lately it's been 9 - 7, praise God!) and back asleep until 8 or so. He does have nights where he wakes up at 3, 5, and 7 but those nights are becoming few and far between so I'm OK with it.

Isaiah has rolled over belly to back 3 times total and just rolled over back to belly on Sunday! He was so proud of himself. He held his chest up high and smiled so big! He rolls over like this all the time now! He's also a scooter while on his back and kicks those legs like he wants to crawl while on his belly. He's close to sitting on his own and standing is still his preferred position. He enjoys singing, dancing, snuggling, yelling, and talking. He's quite the catch, I must say! ;)

Waiting for the doctor!

Doing the inch worm crawl already!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rolling Over!

So I finally caught it on tape! Isaiah has only rolled over 3 times belly to back in the last month but this morning he took it upon himself to roll over back to belly...and he's already done it 4 times! He gets so happy when he does it too. He lifts his chest and smiles - it's pretty darn cute. This video is him doing it for the second time and it's just the tail end of it...I guess it's more of a post roll video but he's got a cute chunky body and he starts to try and crawl so I thought I should post it anyway. At the rate he's going with this kind of roll I'll be posting videos of him rolling out of the room soon! ;)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Copy Cat

Isaiah likes to copy me now...he's been very into his lips, blowing rasberries, sucking on them, etc. Here's a video of him copying me.

Sophie Giraffe - Just a Little Product Endorsement ;)

OK, so I wouldn't normally post about a baby product but this one is pretty fun and interesting. A friend of mine has a 6 month old baby boy and she recommended the Sophie Giraffe. She swore they don't go anywhere without it because her son loves it. So the other day Isaiah and I ventured off to Babies R Us to check it out. We found them in a cute little Paris, France display and they are $20. Seriously? Anyone who knows me and Darren knows we are very frugle (couponers, store brands, sales only, and all) so I wouldn't normally buy some squeaky toy for that much...but I did.

And it is awesome! He really does love it. Here's why: it's designed to be easy to grab and it sqeaks very easily; the rubber is all natural (from the Hevea tree?) and is very soft so the ears and nose are extra chewable (much better than any other teething toy we have); the giraffe is also made with food paint and the all natural rubber means less chemicals if you're worried about that kind of thing. It also has a very distinct smell because the rubber is different than your average rubber ducky. It's basically designed for all senses: sight (dots), smell, hearing, touch, and taste (because Lord knows everything is going in that baby's mouth!). Darren is convinced we could have gotten the same thing at Petsmart but if it makes Isaiah happy, I'll splurge a little.

The biggest issue we have with it (besides that it's a little pricey) is Grady wants it just as bad. Out of all Isaiah's many toys this is one that he whines for...he thinks it's his. :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mr. Giggles!

Isaiah is really starting to giggle more and more each day. It just melts my heart! I love making him so happy!