Friday, May 6, 2011

Isaiah is 3 Months Old!

Well, on Sunday :)

It is official. The older he gets, the more work he is...but the more fun he is too! This last month has flown by; here are a few things our Little is up to...

He SLEEPS 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. (for the last 4 nights at least) and then 7:30 to 10 a.m. He feeds every 4 hours or so (except at night) and doesn't exceed 6 feedings every day. I think he gets about 24 ounces total but it's hard to tell because he is still breastfed (except at night).

He ROLLED OVER on Thursday!! I put him down for tummy time and he rolled over immediately! I thought it might be a fluke so I put him back on his tummy and he immediately rolled over again. The third time he got stuck (or tired) on his side. He didn't roll over again today so who knows when the next roll will be. He doesn't mind tummy time as much as before but instead of squirming he now likes to lay down and suck his fists. :) That is, unless he decides to roll over or do push ups. He can lift his chest with his arms but for the most part prefers lounging and sucking on his fist.

He talks a lot and squeals when he's really happy or when he really gets into the "story" he's telling. He drools like it's nobody's business and he's just now showing interest in Grady. He stares at him like, "what are you, creature?" Grady also started sleeping under Isaiah's crib. He used to sleep under our bed because it's cave-like and now that he sleeps under Isaiah's crib I think it may be a little protective. He's the monster under the bed! ;)

He just started to really like his pacifier and I've caught him watching TV a few times. He likes Detective Oso and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...oh, and Laker games! He's very easy going and kind of serious. He'll study objects and perse his lips together as he grabs them. He loves when we read to him and he's starting to pay attention. Tonight I read "Love You Forever" and "Love You Through and Through" and he paid attention to every page and dosed off to sleep when we were done.

He loves to stand up (with assistance, of course), snuggling in the morning on the couch, bath time, singing songs, and getting his diaper changed (still). He smiles when he sees me and Darren and melts into us when we pick him up. We are so in love!

I'm sure I'll have much more to report next month...

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