Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day At The Beach

On Friday we spent some time at the beach for Darren's work party. Caked in sunscreen and an over sized hat, Isaiah was ready to party! Until about 2 and a half hours into the event...he had his first major, public meltdown.

The party started at 11 a.m. Which normally would interfer with his first nap but I thought it'd be OK because I thought we'd only be there until about 12:30, just in time to feed him and get him the car to have him pass out for his nap. At about 1:15 we were still there and he was NOT happy! He just didn't want to sleep - it was way too windy and sunny for him to relax. On top of that his teeth were starting to bug him. I tried walking him around but he just couldn't go to sleep and wouldn't stop crying. I finally took him back to the car at 1:30 and soon after he conked out. I called Darren and said it was time to go. NOW.

This was not our first outing (not even close!) but it sure appeared that way! It's hard trying to work your baby's schedule around other people. I felt like "New Mom" was stamped on my forehead. I swear, people, Isaiah is not a screamer. He's actually very mellow and easy going, but not when he skips those naps. Lesson learned. Sometimes you just have to stick to your schedule. Even if the party starts at 11, nap time comes first!

Oh the joys of being a new mama...

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