Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baby Manners 101

Due to recent events, I find it necessary to post a few rules about baby manners (mostly for laughs, considering my "followers" are allowed to touch, play, and love on Isaiah all they want). :)


1. If I do not know you, do not touch my baby.

2. If you've seen me around but do not know my name, do not touch my baby.

3. Even if you have washed your hands, have a baby of your own (or 3 grown children), or feel you are certified in anything having to do with babies, but I do not know you, do not touch my baby.

4. If you are a stranger covered in tattoos and reak of cigarette smoke (even at church), do not touch my baby.

5. If you would like to touch my baby and I do not know you, you can ask but I will tell you, "no."

6. Do not sneak up behind me at church, touch my baby's hands. Then when I move him away, do not come and sit next to me to touch him again. I didn't come to play musical chairs and I don't care if we're in the House of God. I do not know you, please do not touch my baby.

7. If you would not be comfortable with me rubbing your belly, touching your face, or wiggling my fingers in front of your eyes, do not do it to my baby.

8. Even if you are helpful while ringing me up at the grocery store, it does not mean you can touch my baby, so don't.

9. Do not (for any reason!) put your fingers in my baby's mouth! (This one's for you, Hilary!)

10. I know my baby is cute but so am I. ;) You wouldn't come up to me randomly and touch me so don't touch my baby!

See? Isaiah doesn't like being poked and rubbed by strangers either. ;)


  1. This is so true, and I am going to steal this and post it to my page as well. I really like number 9. Thanks for a good laugh Caitlin!!

  2. OMG I love this!!! so true!!! I dread people doing this to our baby when he comes!! I WILL freak out!! :)