Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baby Manners 101

Due to recent events, I find it necessary to post a few rules about baby manners (mostly for laughs, considering my "followers" are allowed to touch, play, and love on Isaiah all they want). :)


1. If I do not know you, do not touch my baby.

2. If you've seen me around but do not know my name, do not touch my baby.

3. Even if you have washed your hands, have a baby of your own (or 3 grown children), or feel you are certified in anything having to do with babies, but I do not know you, do not touch my baby.

4. If you are a stranger covered in tattoos and reak of cigarette smoke (even at church), do not touch my baby.

5. If you would like to touch my baby and I do not know you, you can ask but I will tell you, "no."

6. Do not sneak up behind me at church, touch my baby's hands. Then when I move him away, do not come and sit next to me to touch him again. I didn't come to play musical chairs and I don't care if we're in the House of God. I do not know you, please do not touch my baby.

7. If you would not be comfortable with me rubbing your belly, touching your face, or wiggling my fingers in front of your eyes, do not do it to my baby.

8. Even if you are helpful while ringing me up at the grocery store, it does not mean you can touch my baby, so don't.

9. Do not (for any reason!) put your fingers in my baby's mouth! (This one's for you, Hilary!)

10. I know my baby is cute but so am I. ;) You wouldn't come up to me randomly and touch me so don't touch my baby!

See? Isaiah doesn't like being poked and rubbed by strangers either. ;)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Isaiah's New Best Friend

This is also the same noise he makes to wake me up in the morning.

Monday, May 23, 2011

15 Weeks!

Tummy time is NO PROBLEM, ma!

Isaiah is finally starting to enjoy tummy time but he still will let me know when he's had enough. He rolled over again last week (woo hoo that makes 3 times total!) but he doesn't do it every time he's on his tummy. He rolls from his back to his side a lot but it's usually to look at himself in a mirror. ;)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meeting Auntie Jessie!

This last weekend Jessica came down (pregnant belly and all!) to meet Isaiah. It was sooooo good to see her! Not only do I really miss my sister but I was in major need of a dose of Washington. There is so much love in this world for Isaiah but it's so special to see how much and how instant family loves him - there's nothing like it! Isaiah loved her! He was very smiley and well-behaved (of course) the whole time she was here. Jess also held him a ton and played with him all day. I'm so used to it being just me all day and night when Darren's at work that I felt so weird not having to hold him all the time. My back needed the break! Jess is such a great mom to her two boys that I knew she'd be an amazing aunt.

She and Isaiah did lots of tummy time, reading books, floor time, and snuggle time. He's been a lot more vocal the last week so it was fun for Jess to hear him yell and squeal all the live long day. He had so much to tell her! It was so fun! I was hoping he'd roll over for her on his own but he still hasn't done it since those two times last month...hmmmm. Either he can't figure out how to do it again or he just doesn't want to! He is doing great with tummy time and he's been smiling as he holds his chest in the air - he must feel like a big boy! He also is scooting a lot on his tummy and back. He doesn't get far and sometimes he spins in circles but it's so fun to see him mobile.

Jumping on baby Sidney! It was also fun to have Jess be so far along while she was here so I could feel her kicking and moving around in Jessica's tummy. I really miss that part of being pregnant! Luckily, Jess and I both love talking about babies and being preggo (the good, the bad, and the ugly), so we got a lot of girl/mommy talk in. Being pregnant and having babies is such a miracle - we're both so fascinated!

Jess was playing peek-a-boo with the little. :)

Jessica also gave us a date night - our first since Isaiah has been born. I've had plenty of offers in the last 3 months to babysit but I've just been so nervous about leaving him with anyone other than Darren. Jess offered while she was here and I thought, OK, it's time to rip the bandaid off and just do it. We got pretty dolled up and went to Shogun Sushi. I cried as soon as we got in the car - it doesn't feel right leaving him! Once we reached the restaurant I had relaxed. We had a couple drinks and watched the chef prepare our steak and scallops in front of us. It was delicious and entertaining and so nice to have a conversation with the other love of my life. :)

At Shogun Sushi

Friday, May 6, 2011

Isaiah is 3 Months Old!

Well, on Sunday :)

It is official. The older he gets, the more work he is...but the more fun he is too! This last month has flown by; here are a few things our Little is up to...

He SLEEPS 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. (for the last 4 nights at least) and then 7:30 to 10 a.m. He feeds every 4 hours or so (except at night) and doesn't exceed 6 feedings every day. I think he gets about 24 ounces total but it's hard to tell because he is still breastfed (except at night).

He ROLLED OVER on Thursday!! I put him down for tummy time and he rolled over immediately! I thought it might be a fluke so I put him back on his tummy and he immediately rolled over again. The third time he got stuck (or tired) on his side. He didn't roll over again today so who knows when the next roll will be. He doesn't mind tummy time as much as before but instead of squirming he now likes to lay down and suck his fists. :) That is, unless he decides to roll over or do push ups. He can lift his chest with his arms but for the most part prefers lounging and sucking on his fist.

He talks a lot and squeals when he's really happy or when he really gets into the "story" he's telling. He drools like it's nobody's business and he's just now showing interest in Grady. He stares at him like, "what are you, creature?" Grady also started sleeping under Isaiah's crib. He used to sleep under our bed because it's cave-like and now that he sleeps under Isaiah's crib I think it may be a little protective. He's the monster under the bed! ;)

He just started to really like his pacifier and I've caught him watching TV a few times. He likes Detective Oso and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...oh, and Laker games! He's very easy going and kind of serious. He'll study objects and perse his lips together as he grabs them. He loves when we read to him and he's starting to pay attention. Tonight I read "Love You Forever" and "Love You Through and Through" and he paid attention to every page and dosed off to sleep when we were done.

He loves to stand up (with assistance, of course), snuggling in the morning on the couch, bath time, singing songs, and getting his diaper changed (still). He smiles when he sees me and Darren and melts into us when we pick him up. We are so in love!

I'm sure I'll have much more to report next month...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I've Never Wanted So Little...

I never knew how much love and family could change my perspective on...well, everything. When I graduated from college (two and a half years early) I had BIG dreams. I was going to have a big job, a big California house with a pool, and drive some kind of big luxury vehicle with leather seats - a husband and kids would come later.

Then along came Darren and the move to California. I quickly realized my life would not be complete without him. Long story short, we got hitched and started to build our life together. All of a sudden MY goals became OUR goals and they reflected a more frugal and practical life than I dreamed up my last semester at WSU.

And now we have Isaiah. The perfect addition to our life. He fills places in my heart that I didn't even know I had with so much love and joy! Every day I feel like I'm going to explode! How did I get so lucky? Why did God choose me of all people to have the most incredible husband and father to the most wonderful little baby?

While I know it's important to take time for myself, I've never really wanted so little. New clothes? New car? More jewelry? What for? As long as me and my boys are healthy and happy, I have all I need...and that's alright by me.

This life I'm living is better than anything I imagined. I guess sometimes the dreams that come true are the ones you didn't even know you had.

This song came on the radio the other day and I just about started balling. What a perfect way to describe how I feel!

Day At The Beach

On Friday we spent some time at the beach for Darren's work party. Caked in sunscreen and an over sized hat, Isaiah was ready to party! Until about 2 and a half hours into the event...he had his first major, public meltdown.

The party started at 11 a.m. Which normally would interfer with his first nap but I thought it'd be OK because I thought we'd only be there until about 12:30, just in time to feed him and get him the car to have him pass out for his nap. At about 1:15 we were still there and he was NOT happy! He just didn't want to sleep - it was way too windy and sunny for him to relax. On top of that his teeth were starting to bug him. I tried walking him around but he just couldn't go to sleep and wouldn't stop crying. I finally took him back to the car at 1:30 and soon after he conked out. I called Darren and said it was time to go. NOW.

This was not our first outing (not even close!) but it sure appeared that way! It's hard trying to work your baby's schedule around other people. I felt like "New Mom" was stamped on my forehead. I swear, people, Isaiah is not a screamer. He's actually very mellow and easy going, but not when he skips those naps. Lesson learned. Sometimes you just have to stick to your schedule. Even if the party starts at 11, nap time comes first!

Oh the joys of being a new mama...