Saturday, April 23, 2011

10 Weeks (Almost 11!!) Update

I just wanted to quickly update all the new things Isaiah is up to...

First of all, I really have no idea what I would do without Darren. He really such a great dad! He takes over not only when I need him to but really just whenever he feels like a little father/son time. And let's be honest, mommies need breaks! I feel so lucky! Being that we are so far from family, it's been really important that we function as a team...we deserve jersies!

This last week or two I've really felt like Isaiah has grown up. Every day he has more of a personality and I feel like he's actually talking to me and telling me things instead of just fussing or crying. He's started to yell - which is funny because he does it all the appropriate times. If I leave the room or get out of his eye sight, he yells. It's almost like he's yelling, "MAAA! Where are you?!" I LOVE IT!

He also squeels when he gets excited. He tries to laugh by going "hahaha" but a real giggle has only happened while he's sleeping. At least he's having sweet dreams. His facial expressions make more sense and are usually appropriate for what's happening. He lifts one eyebrow if I have my glasses on or a hat or facial mask. If he just wants to be left alone, he frowns at me. When he wakes up or is getting his diaper changed (which he loves,) he smiles - melts my heart!

He really is sucking on his fingers and hands a lot and starting to drool like it's nobody's business - we got him some cold, teething toys and he loves them. He's still working on reaching for things, grabbing them, and putting them in his mouth - sometimes when he succeeds at grabbing something he screams because he doesn't know how to let go - it's hilarious.

Isaiah loves nursery rhymes and I sing to him all day. I added 70 songs to my ipod and yesterday I forgot to change the playlist so I started my run to Isaiah's music! :) His favorite songs right now are "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" and "John Jacob Jingle Heimerschmit." He loves to stand up and is bearing a lot of his weight on his legs. Sometimes I feel like he's growing up too fast (shouldn't he still be 2 weeks old???) but I love watching him grow and develop a personality. Now every day I'm so excited for the next - I never know what this little guy is going to surprise me with!

Standing like a big boy!

Telling dad about his day or waking him up from his nap :)

Playing with superdad!

Getting used to the bumbo

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