Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Isaiah is one month old!

Look at him grow! A friend of mine did these kind of pictures with her twins so I'm stealing the idea!

I can't believe Isaiah is one month old! This has been a long month but it has gone by so fast at the same time. I love my little man so much and watching him grow and change is incredible! He is awesome at holding up his head, he's starting to smile more, and he still rolls to his side when he's sleeping. He is also much more alert and requires more entertainment. He loves all his mobiles and easily gets mesmerized by them. Then he'll get bored and fussy until he gets picked up so he can look at the lights. Now that he's getting and acting older I'm going to try and put him on a schedule during the day - no more long naps! The longer he naps the more likely he'll be up at 3 and not sleeping until 6 and I'm getting tired! We'll see how it goes.

Isaiah also loves to eat! I've given him 4 oz of bottle and he'll still want to nurse. He's already grown out of newborn clothes and fits into 3-6 month clothing. Big boy!

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