Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2 Week Check Up

Today I met with Dr. Chu to check on Isaiah's jaundice and it is thankfully all cleared up! She said there's a chemical in breast milk that some babies react to by getting a little jaundice. She guesses that's what it was, which might be why the hospital didn't catch it. Isaiah also gained 11 oz this week and Dr. Chu said he clearly isn't having issues feeding! He is a healthy boy and growing oh so big!

I would also like to take moment to brag about my son. When he lays on his back he can roll to his side already. He can also lift his head while on his belly and hold it for a while and turn and look both ways. Most nights he gives me at least one four hour stretch of sleep (sometimes two) - of course I'd love more but that's what coffee is for! I'm also learning to be on his schedule - I can't start my day at 7 if Isaiah is going to sleep until 9 or 10. Those few extra hours are imperative for me to function with one arm for the rest of the day! Sometimes I forget he's only 2 weeks old!

Lovin' my little boy!!!!!

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