Thursday, February 17, 2011

1 Week Check Up

Wednesday we went in for Isaiah's one week old check up with Dr. Chu. We didn't originally choose her as his pediatrician but the "highly recommended" pediatrician we did pick turned out to be entirely unavailable. Needless to say, after getting the run-around from his office for 4 days, I was really frusterated. It all worked out though because I love Dr. Chu - she is great!

Isaiah is measuring average for weight (8 lbs.), above average for height, and below average for head size (tell that to my stitches!). It turns out he is a little jaundice but nothing to worry about because he is gaining the proper amount of weight, feeding frequently enough, and going potty plenty. She said the feeding should flush it out of his system but also recommended more sun exposure so we let him lay by the window when the sun is coming through. I'm not worried about his jaundice (it's very common and very mild) but I am annoyed that our original pediatrician (who saw him twice in the hospital) and the nurses said he had no signs of jaundice and that he wasn't at risk. Considering we delivered at Mary Birch (one of the best labor and delivery hospitals in the country), I would expect them to get this right. Oh well!

Regardless of the peeves I've had this week, I am SO HAPPY that I have a healthy little boy that Dr. Chu said is "practically perfect!" I go in next week to check on his jaundice so I'll update as I learn more.

Nena (my mom) left today and I am so bummed! I miss her so much already! It was so nice to have the extra help at home and also a little Washington in my life. I miss everyone there!!!

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