Monday, January 17, 2011

Each Trimester in a Nutshell

Since we're almost done with this pregnancy, I've been reflecting on how I've felt throughout. Like all pregnant women, my hormones have been all over the place and I've noticed those feelings were somewhat definied by the trimester--

Trimester 1: EXCITEMENT and SICKNESS (but you don't care because you're so EXCITED!). This trimester went by the fastest (since you only know for 2 months) but didn't always seem that way because you don't feel good.

Trimester 2: EMOTIONAL but GOOD. This trimester everything made me cry (mostly tears of happiness) and I also felt the best and got the most exercise in.

Trimester 3: CALM, READY, and UNCOMFORTABLE. I've really felt calm about everything - I've made peace with being pregnant and I feel very ready to be a mom. I'm not feeling overwhelmed about anything, just uncomfortable and, again, READY!

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