Thursday, January 6, 2011

Doc Said To Make Sure Our Bags Are Packed - Isaiah Could Be Here in 10 Days!!!

Today we had our 35 Weeks and 4 days check up. Everything is still going wonderfully and progressing very quickly.

I met with Dr. Bales (the same doctor that told us to "go for it!" when we were ready to start trying, I was prego days later!) and she's great. I told her about the weird things that have been happening lately: increase in contractions and cramps, going potty many times throughout the day (TMI Alert: yes, #2), Isaiah dropping, and the possibility of my mucus plug coming out (I thought it might have 2 days ago and she wasn't sure but said it's very possible).

She said all of the above are signs of going into labor and at this point, we don't want to stop it or slow it down since I will be full term (37 weeks) in just over one week. After she did the vaginal and rectal culture to check for bacteria called Group B streptococci (no big deal if I have it, it just means you have to take antibiotics during delivery), she checked my cervix.

She said I'm about 1/2 cm dilated, 50% effaced, Isaiah has dropped very low (she could feel his head!), and my cervix is very thin. She said I'm setting up for Isaiah to "just slip right out" - I can only hope. My belly didn't grow much this week because he's so low. She said she'd be very surprised if I made it to 40 weeks because I've progressed so much. Her guess is Isaiah will be here in 10 days!!! That puts us right passed 37 weeks. She also thinks he'll be about 7 lbs or so!

I almost starting crying - I'm so excited! He's almost here!

(Not much weight gain over the last 2 weeks - 25 lbs to date)

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