Tuesday, January 25, 2011

38 Week, 1 Day Check Up - We're Still Cookin'!

So even though I am officially over being pregnant, apparently Isaiah still needs me to be and I just need to get over what I want because somebody (named Isaiah) has needs that are much more important.

Today I met with Mona (the other nurse practitioner) and everything is still right on schedule. I measured right at 38 weeks, no weight gain this week, I'm 1 cm dilated, and about 60% effaced - so not too much progress from a few weeks ago.

I told her about Sunday night and how I had really strong contractions in the front and back and a ton of pressure on my tailbone (I felt like I needed to poop like crazy!) and I laid down to relax and then 3 hours later...NOTHING. She said if I want to keep things going to go for a nice long walk but recommends that if it starts at night to try and rest because I'll need it if it's the real thing. If it's during the day, get moving because that will keep the contractions going and hopefully get me dilated enough to start labor.

So we'll just keep walking and waiting (and eating!). I can't wait to meet my little man but I need to remember there's a reason he hasn't finished cooking yet!

(Total weight gain = 29 lbs., 14.5 in. around my waist)

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