Tuesday, January 18, 2011

37 Weeks, 1 Day Check Up - Who Knows?!

This morning I went in for my 37 weeks appointment and met with Dr. Goodwin (she did our first ultrasound). She said they probably won't check me until 39 weeks unless something major happens - again, disappointing! My belly grew 2 cm this week so I'm back on schedule for belly measurements and his heartbeat is still strong. I was having a contraction when she was measuring so my poor baby couldn't move.

I told Dr. Goodwin about all the menstral-feeling cramps and contractions and she said (like everyone else) your body is gearing up for the real thing and it could be any day now or it could be past your due date. She said it's common for first time mommies to go past their due date so don't anticipate him coming early too much. So at this point he could early or late or on time. I just need to anticipate a healthy and safe labor and delivery.

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