Wednesday, January 12, 2011

36 Weeks, 2 Days Doctor's Appointment

This morning I met with Casey for my first weekly check up. She didn't check me this week (is it weird that I was totally bummed?) but Isaiah still has a strong heartbeat and my belly is measuring at 35 weeks (one week behind but because he dropped so low, it's normal).

I told Casey about the weirdest pain I had yesterday (I mean I was really uncomfortable but it was definitely not a contraction)- turns out it was a muscle spasm a few inches above my belly button. It just took some rest and lots of water to take care of it.

I also told her Dr. Bales thinks Isaiah will be here on Monday, the 17th. She looked at my chart and smiled. She said it was because he had dropped so much but she wasn't ready to give her guess yet. She also reminded me that I could have a ton of progress and be stuck there for weeks. Way to bring down my excitement, Casey! ;) I think it's a good reminder to have - even though we're anxiously awaiting Isaiah's arrival, we need to remember that he'll come when he's ready, not when I'm ready!

I go in again Tuesday...and I'll get checked for progress!

(And I guess I weighed 2 lbs less than I thought I did in the very beginning. They gave me my records so my total weight gain to date = 28 lbs. but I really only gained 1 lb this last week, 14 inches around my waist - YOWZA!)

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