Thursday, December 2, 2010

Birthing Class: Night Two

Last Tuesday was our second birthing class. It was good - I felt more uncomfortable than usual but it was still interesting. Everyone looked a little bigger and rounder...could be the turkey from last week, could be the baby. This class we talked about signs of labor, when to go to the hospital, and watched a few videos of women giving birth.

Giving birth does not scare me or gross me out at all but it is weird watching some random lady do it. After all, the videos are very graphic and the process of giving birth (while amazing and beautiful) is kind of strange.

Most of the women in class cried when the babies popped out and a few of the men gasped or ewwed or "ugghed" when the baby was crowning. You just have to laugh! The videos are educational and I think it's great for mom's and dad's to see them so they have an idea of what to expect, but watching a strange woman's lady part push out a baby is just kind of...strange? That's the only word I can think of...

All the women in the videos delivered naturally so naturally they were miserable. This prompted one of the women in the class to ask, "At what point can I get my epidural?" We all about died laughing! Only one out of the 15 couples in the class are planning on delivering naturally. I think it's just fine and dandy if you want to do it naturally but I have a very wise mother that delivered 5 healthy babies - 4 naturally and 1 with an epidural. If she says it's the way to go, I'll have no problem taking that advice!

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