Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Birthing Class: Night Three

We had birthing class again on Tuesday night - we're halfway done with the series! WHEW! This class was about the different medications and intervention methods (except c-section) that can be used during labor and delivery.

Our class leader talked about epidurals, analgesics, episiotomies, forceps, vacuums, etc. I have to say I didn't do very much research on analgesics (mostly because I didn't realize how common they were) and it was interesting to hear all about them. That is one thing I do not want during labor unless entirely neccessary. I guess I just don't like the idea of taking "happy meds" while bringing my baby in the world, especially because they do get to the baby.

TRUE LIFE STORY: Darren's mama had them during labor and Darren was actually born limp. They had to give him a different kind of medication to wake him up. Even though there were no adverse affects on Darren and he didn't have any issues after getting the medication, I don't like the idea of Isaiah being rushed away right after he pops out because he isn't fully awake.

Epidurals, while there are risks involved, are much safer. We learned that the later you get one in labor, the faster pushing can be. Why? Mostly because of gravity. If you walk around and squat while in active labor, the baby will descend on his own. If you get the epidural too early, you have to stay in bed and the baby has to make his way down on his own. I hope to wait as long as possible before I get one for this reason.

Our class leader told us to not think of our wants as things we have-to-have because no matter how much we plan, labor is a natural process and things can change very quickly. Bottom line - know your preferences, know the risks, ask a lot of questions, and be flexible!

On a side note, Darren was as bad as a 3 year old during this class. He was so bored! He was interested in the type of medications, etc. but could not for the life of him understand why we had to discuss it for two and a half hours! The man could not sit still or stop talking. It was cracking me up - I can't even get mad at him (no matter how grouchy I am), I love him too much!

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