Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Birthing Class: Night Six

It's a wrap! We graduated from Child Birth Preparation last night and have gained our Tuesday nights back! It really was a great series and I'm very happy we took it, but it is nice to have one less thing to do.

This class we talked about the benefits of skin to skin contact with baby both right after he is born and for first few months of life. We also talked about nursing and shared baby names and our favorite baby item (so far).

The great thing about skin to skin contact is it's less shocking for the baby. They're used to your heartbeat and your smell (which apparently is amniotic fluid!) and it also allows you to bond with this new little person that you feel like you know but really know nothing about yet. Studies show your baby will cry less later on if they stay with mama right away. Mary Birch (where we'll be delivering) is one of the few hospitals that strictly promotes this for one whole hour after birth and I'm so excited for it. I can't imagine what giving birth is like but I have a feeling that nothing else will matter (not his weight, height, etc.). All we'll want to do is look at him face to face and let him know we've been waiting a long time to meet him!

THis is obviously continued through nursing (that's about as skin to skin as you can get!). We also went into the many other health benefits of nursing for mom, baby, and daddy.

When we were talking about favorite baby items, our instructor showed us the Moby Wrap and how great it is for infants. It holds the baby very close you, it's soft, and comfy for a itty bitty newborn. They're pretty cool! I think we might get one...

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  1. did you ever get the moby wrap? I received one, but it looks confusing...