Thursday, December 16, 2010

Birthing Class: Night 4

Tuesday night we had our fourth birthing class that included the hospital tour and information on c-sections. I really enjoyed the tour because it makes me feel much more prepared knowing what the inside of those delivery rooms look like. I can better visualize how everything will be.

After the tour we returned to the classroom to watch a video on c-sections. It was interesting to watch but it's something I hope I don't have to have. While I'm very thankful for modern medicine and the ability for doctors to quickly and safely perform the surgery, I would prefer not having to recover from it. You have to stay in the hospital longer after delivery, you can't walk too much, no driving for 2 weeks, and no lifting. I figure, I'm going to be worn out enough after the "marathon of labor" and delivering vaginally that I don't want to worry about recovering from surgery also.

We finished up the class with back stretches and massages. :) Hooray for husbands with great massage skills!

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