Wednesday, December 22, 2010

33 Week, 1 Day Check Up

Yesterday was our 33 week check up. Everything is still "perfect." I'm measuring right on schedule and those few pounds I didn't gain at the last appointment were made up for in the last few weeks. That's right, I gained 4.5 pounds in two weeks!! OINK OINK!!! I asked Casey if I should be worried and she said no because my overall weight gain is only 24.5 pounds and I still averaged about 1 pound every week for the last month.

I told her about the sharp pains I've been feeling down low in my pelvis. Nothing unbearable but very different from contractions. She said it's just nerve endings reacting to the pressure from Isaiah's head pushing on my vagina. I then asked her about his positioning and I was pretty right on (I must know my baby!). He's not traverse, he's actually very head down and his back and bottom are on my left side and all his limbs are on my right side, which is why he kicks so much over there. It also means I have a bottom in my left side of my rib cage and feet in my right side of my rib cage - it's very uncomfortable but also kind of sweet. It's a constant reminder that he's in there!

I told Casey that he hasn't moved from this position in a couple of weeks. In fact, if I lay on my right side he kicks the mattress until I move over to my left side. While I'm on that side he's still as can be! She said this could be a sign that he's going to be a mellow baby because he's comfortable and content in that position. Nice! Let's just hope he's not too content and still comes out to meet us!

Our next appointment is in 2 weeks - we'll get to see if I've dilated at all!

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