Wednesday, December 8, 2010

31 Weeks, 2 Days Check Up - Auto Pilot

Today we met Dr. Meshkat. She was great, not very chatty though. It was very "Hi, nice to meet you. How do you feel? How are your ankles? Any swelling? Bleeding? Let's measure you and feel that heartbeat." I literally think the appointment was that fast. I didn't really mind though - it gave me more time to spend with Darren before I had to go to work.

Everything is still going great. He's very active, has a strong heartbeat, and is measuring right on schedule. Dr. Meshkat said I'm at that point where I'm kind of on auto-pilot for the pregnancy. I knew exactly what she meant. During our first and second trimester I came in with a written list of questions. Now I don't have hardly any. Nothing too "weird" is happening; I'm just kind of going with it. I've also reached the over-it stage. I'm tired and huge and would like for Isaiah to just get here! I also would love to go for a run, have a glass of wine, and sleep on my belly. In time...

Shockingly, I didn't gain any wait over the last two and a half weeks - even though we had Thanksgiving, leftovers, a plate of cookies, eggnog, and a junk food weekend with my father-in-law in town. I hopped on the scale and said, "Are you sure?" The doctor said it's fine as long as my belly is still growing, which it is! I've gained a total of 12 inches around my waste and 20 pounds to date.

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  1. You are adorable! Remember to SLEEP now or forever hold your peace!! And also do the things you can do now that you can't do with a little go on a date with Darren, rest for "no reason," eat everything in sight, eat spicey foods (with breastfeeding that was a no no for me), get the idea =) Love you!