Friday, October 22, 2010

24 Weeks (And 4 Days) Check Up

Today at our appointment we met Dr. Saffer. He's great! Very quick and direct in a laid back kind of way. We only have one doctor left to meet then we've met the whole gang! I have to say, I don't care who ends up delivering Isaiah. Darren and I really enjoy every doctor we've met.

While we were going through all my questions, I asked about discussing a birth plan (I mean, every book tells you to talk to your doctor). He said he doesn't really understand why books say that - there isn't such thing as a "birth plan." It's a matter of showing up at the hospital and letting nature do it's thing. That is, unless you have very strange or specific requests. Me? I just want an epidural. As long as I get that, I'm good.

I also asked him about the cramps that come and go. I told him I feel silly asking about them every time I come in but they change every month. For example, this week it felt like my entire stomach muscle was so tight for a minute or two then it went away. This happened to me twice this week. He said, "Oh, that's a contraction." My eyes got super wide and I felt my heart beat a little faster. "Well, a Braxton Hicks contraction," he said seeing my facial reaction. I thought it was way too early to feel these but Dr. Saffer said some women feel them as early as 20 weeks. There isn't any cause for concern unless I have to breathe through the contraction or they last for more than 30 minutes.

WOW. I felt my first contractions! My body is really gearing up for labor and delivery - I'M SO EXCITED!

Then we heard Isaiah's heartbeat (LOVE that sound). Right when I laid down, Isaish stretched toward my belly button, making my belly do the wave and putting him in great position to hear his heart. It was definitely right near the monitor. Dr. Saffer said it was very loud and strong. As much as I worry, hearing that noise reminds me we have a healthy little boy on the way!

We also did the glucose blood test today - not so bad. I just had to chug some pedilite-type drink and relax in the waiting room with my "What to Expect the First Year" book and my wonderful hubby to make me laugh.

Overall, today was a good day. :)

(TOTAL GAIN: 15 pounds - 10 inches)

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