Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baby Isaiah's far!

I know it's still early on (halfway to be exact) but this little boy sure knows what he likes! Here are a few things Isaiah really gets a kick out of (pun intended):

1. He loves the mornings! As soon as I wake up with my half-caf coffee and start getting ready for the day he's doing flips and he does this pretty much until lunch time...takes a noon nap for a couple of hours and then gets going for the afternoon. Boy oh boy, he is active! I swear I saw my belly pulse today from the back flip he did.

2. He loves football! We turn on those Saturday and Sunday games and he goes nuts :) He must be my little kicker ;)

3. The smell of bacon. I made it yesterday and he was running in circles!

4. He also inherited Darren's sweet tooth. I haven't had much of a desire for sweets in the last 4 years or so...until Isaiah! But if my baby wants a cookie, my baby gets a cookie! :)

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  1. its really crazy the things i have learned just from reading your posts, my name is Roisin and im from ireland, im 20 weeks pregnant on my first child and i never realised how exciting it is to be looking forward to a baby in your life. i cant wait to find out if im having a boy or girl and i really cant wait to see my babys little face :) im so excited.. any extra info for me that i should know about this trimester?