Monday, September 13, 2010

19 Weeks and It's a BOY!!!!

Our sweet baby boy! Isn't he just so dang cute? I think so and so did the lady doing the ultrasound. She kept saying "here's the [body part] - so cute!" She was so sweet!

And here's the proof that it's a boy! It took so long for this little man to open up and show us the goods but he finally did! When we first went in he was scrunched in a ball sucking his thumb with his arms and legs balled up - sleeping like a little baby! How dare he? The technician said she hadn't had a baby that difficult in years. So she had me go walk around drink even more water (I was already holding about 25 ounces) and then come back. Still nothing! At least this time she could get the anatomy. Then she said she had another patient to see but if I could hold my urine for another few minutes she'd be able to see me again.

So we went out in the waiting room. I was walking around, swaying back and forth and eating jolly ranchers. The funny thing is the baby was moving all day until we got to the doctor. I guess he's camera shy. We went back in about 15 minutes later and it didn't take long for the technician to say, "Oh, THAT'S a boy!"

I was kind of stunned because we had been trying to get this baby to show it for over an hour! I guess he just has to warm up to strangers first. :) I looked at Darren and I swear his expression matched mine - joy, elation, excitement! We really do have a little football player on our hands and we can't wait to meet him!!!

After the appointment we went to Target to buy baby clothes. This is baby's first outfit. He's our little monkey!

We saw this and started dying laughing - it was too funny! Like father like son :)

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  1. Aww how cute. Congrats to both you and Darren, I bet he was super happy!