Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Holy Emotional!

The flood gates have opened! I have to say I've always been a pretty sensitive person - at least when it comes to big events in my life. I cried when I moved to San Diego, sobbed at both our weddings, and cry every time I talk to my family on the holidays or they leave from visiting. And now this. I'm pregnant. I cry all the time.

For example, Sam, my siter-in-law, sent my that cute "Baby Coug on the way" shirt. I opened it and cried. I was looking at the first pictures of Wyatt and Gavin when they were born and cried. I was watching old episodes of Friends (the one where Ross and Rachel "take a break") and cried. Any commercial with a baby makes me cry and I swear if another Brad Paisley song comes on the radio while I'm driving, I'm going to get in accident because I'm crying!

It's making me wonder how I'm going to pop this baby out because everytime I think about delivery, I cry. I'm just so excited! But if I'm crying about it now, how will I ever calm down and focus for delivery?!

I've had my moments of being emotional but nothing like this. It's the strangest feeling of calm and peace mixed with excitement and anticipation for Baby Moss to get here! Considering this is a huge event in our life, I'd say I have every right to cry - I'll just call them my sweet tears! :)

I also feel like I've relaxed a little. I don't let people stress me out at work or get mad if the dishes don't get washed right after dinner. If people drive me crazy (which they do much more easily these days) I just roll my eyes. I think sub-consciously I'm just "over it." I have bigger, better, and sweeter things to worry about right now!

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