Saturday, August 21, 2010

Craving of the Week

Before I was pregnant I sort of believed the whole craving certain foods thing was a big load of you know what. Then I got pregnant.

There's nothing I'm really consistently craving except for watermelon. I swear I eat a whole melon each week. This is a very common craving because of the water content, which leads me to my next craving: WATER. I'm drinking about 80 ounces every day - sometimes I wonder if the weight I'm gaining is water weight. Then I look at my belly and cheeks. Definitely NOT water weight.

Other than those two things, my cravings change on a weekly basis. The craving generally comes from a commercial on TV, a conversation, driving by a restaurant, an old memory, etc. This ultimately gives me many food options to crave.

This week my big craving was broccoli salad. So what did I do? Drove to Vons on my lunch break to buy all the ingrediants and marched my hiney home to make it. The odd thing is, this isn't even a food I cared for before this last week. Never the less, two bundles of broccoli turned into a big tupperware of salad and was consumed in a matter of days. Just by me of course, considering Darren doesn't like eating "trees."

I've also been craving pad thai. I LOVE pad thai. I always have since the moment I first tried it. Still, I could've easily lived without it. Then a week ago I was talking about it with my wonderful friend Dana and now I can't get it out of my mind! I'm sure I'll fulfill this craving soon and then have no desire for it again.

My other current craving is coconut shrimp. Darren and I went to Gordon Biersch with his old room mate and his girlfriend last month and they have coconut shrimp on the menu. I thought about ordering it and changed my mind last minute. Now I want it. Bad. But it just so happens that every restaurant we've been to since then doesn't have it! WHY!?

So far I've also craved fudgesicles, taquitos with ranch dressing (ew), tomato soup, cheese and crackers, tuna salad, pickles, cucumbers, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, and spaghetti noodless (no saucee, just noodles). I'm sure there have been more and there will, of course, be plenty more.

Until the next craving comes I will enjoy the last of my broccoli salad and await my pad thai and coconut shrimp.


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