Thursday, August 26, 2010

16 Week Check Up

Today we had our 16 week check up - I wish we could go to the doctor every day! I love hearing that baby's heart beat!!! He/she is still moving around and the heart rate is 150 bpm. Everything is still going great. We also set the date for when we find out if it's a boy or a girl: SEPTEMBER 13th! We're so excited!

Dr. French said I'm doing great as well. All my "that felt weird" is actually normal - just a part of being preggo! We're 4 months in and I've gained 6 pounds (3 lbs/month for the last two months). Dr. French said I'm gaining weight exactly how I should and I'm on track to gain about 25 lbs for the whole pregnancy. I'm fairly certain I'll surpass that mark considering I'll be 7 months pregnant for Thanksgiving and 8 months pregnant for Christmas. I'm sure I'll feel no guilt when I 'tis the season!

We LOVE this noise!!!

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